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We are a Theravāda monastery located up the Bukit Berapit hill. With nice surroundings and facilities we welcome sincere Buddhists to come for retreat. 我们是一个位于大山脚山上的一个南传道场。我们欢迎 佛友们到来静修。这儿环境清幽并备用住宿。

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In conjunction with the Buddhist era 2563, Vivekavana Buddhist Society of Penang will be holding a Wesak day celebration on 18th May, Sat (Eve) & 19th May, Sun 2019. A host of Dhamma programmes will be held including Pindapatta, Dhamma Talk, One day Retreat, Metta Chanting, Candle light procession, offering of Requisites and food Dana. All are welcome to participate these Meritorious Deeds. Sadhu! Sadhu ! Sadhu ! Kind regards from Vivekavana Buddhist Society of Penang.


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Past Event

靜修園一日修--> 2018年10月21日(1天)

禪修(定慧)的功德最大,持戒第二,歸依第三,布施第四。 有戒有定有慧的一天,勝過無戒無定無慧的一百年(法句110與111)。 歡迎參加一日修。 909早上8點30分前(鼓勵爬山)抵達,受戒至到下午5點結束。 願大家早日証得涅槃,解脫一切煩惱。 住持啟

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